Thursday Thoughts

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Poor Ezra was person #3 in our strep throat raffle this week.
And I do mean, poor Ezra.
He was pitiful.

However, I would be lying if I didn't admit that I somewhat enjoyed the more subdued Ezra. He was quieter, snugglier, and just overall...well, easier.

(silly boy was playing with zoe's paci...yes, i washed it.)

And that picture reminded me of another long ago picture during our great Ear Infection period...

(my oh my. how much he has grown. and how much better my photo quality is now!)

I am happy he is back to his happy and energetic (albeit harder) self now.

I am at the Kids Exchange Consignment Sale all day today. Good stuff for way cheap's a win/win all around. My goal for today is to get the girls summer clothes. Yes, I did write girls, as in plural. It would have been nice if Zoe could have just worn all of Ella's old ones...however, Zoe weighs more now than Ella did at a year that isn't working out at all.

Why did I save all those tubs and tubs of Ella's old clothes? And cart them through three moves?


I was up in my room yesterday folding laundry when I noticed something.
Or rather the lack of something.
It was quiet.
It had been quiet for way too long.
Which usually spells t.r.o.u.b.l.e. around these parts
Instead of a thousand toothpicks spilled all over the floor (true story)...
I found this scene...

Oh, the power of new library books.
I will never underestimate them again.

We have a great new library less than 2 miles from our new house.
I love it so much I want to marry it.
(sorry...sometimes the middle schooler in me takes over)

Happy (and hopefully healthier) Thursday!

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Kelly Via said...

I bet your new library is the one that we had some of our Homestudy Meetings at. If so, it is a very nice one!

Oooh, how I love the peaceful picture of your children quietly looking through their new books.

I can't wait to hear about your Kids Exchange Deals! I got Cana some inline skates. She can't WAIT to talk to Ella about them and go skating.

I love this post, especially the comparison photos! That's awesome!