protecting my white space

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I really really despise that word. 

I am not a person to wear that word as a badge of honor or a reflection of how important I must be because of how busy I am.

Nope. Not me.

However, life has been busy lately. Busy busy. Busy with good things, but still busy.

I've decided that something has got to give. Even if it is something I want to do. I have more things (and new things) that I need to do. Or little ones that need me to not be needed elsewhere. I also am a person that has to have an ample amount of margin in my life. I cannot function (or at least function well) without some white space.

At the beginning of the year I set a main goal for 2012: making my priorities the ones that the Lord would have for me. Now that we are halfway through the year I needed to re-visit my priorities. Asking my kids what Mommy does a lot of  is always a really good revealer of how they interpret my priorities. And makes for some "ouch" moments as well.

In the spirit of keeping it real I confess that my blog takes up a lot of my time. Too much, I've decided. I am still planning on writing and posting regularly...just not near as regularly. I cherish the memories I've captured as I read through old posts and I don't want to lose that. I just need to be more present in the midst of making new memories during this stage in my life.

So...this isn't good-bye.
It's just sort of the start of a new stage for my blog. And for me, so it seems.

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JustBAMom said...

I must say that I am very sad; however, as a Mom, I can understand. In the last couple of months, my 'white space' has been reduced significantly and it continues to be a difficult adjustment. Your blog has been an inspiration to me and has allowed me to connect to someone else's life when I felt very disconnected to anything outside of my daily routine. I think that you're an amazing person and I look forward to reading your blog at anytime.