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The kids and I spent a few days at my parents house this weekend while Jeremiah was gone for a staff planning weekend. It was my first solo road trip with all four kids and it was actually...enjoyable. Ella was a rock-star helper and did everything (well, almost everything) I do when I'm not the driver. I found it a little hilarious when she asked the boys to "not ask her for anything else for at least 15 minutes" because she just wanted to sit there. 

Hmm...I know the feeling.

While at my parents the kids were swimming fools and managed to knock camp-out off of our summer bucket list. Although, let it be known for the record that only Eli actually made it through the night in the tent. 

The tents going up. 1 for the boys and 1 for the girls. Let is also be recorded that the girls put up both tents. My sisters are pretty much awesome!

We also knocked see a movie in a theater off our list as we went to see Madagascar 3. Funny movie. My kids loved it. I found it again, hilarious, that even with only the "little" ones going from my family we still managed to take up an entire row and a half at the theater.  

The boys had fun getting acquainted with their newest uncles. Yes, they actually have uncles now that are younger than them, ha!

Little Judah is quite the ham!

I love all the color that is in my family's a beautiful thing.

Happy Thursday!

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mommajeane said...

We loved being with you all...So glad you could come and that the travel was so smooth. You do rock Ella...grown up and able to help mommy made it happen. Love you all and we missed Jeremiah.

DebHambrick said...

I love it! Ella is a rock star!! I cracked up hearing her in my mind telling the boys! too funny!
Glad you had a great trip and are home safe and sound. Only a few more days til the beach!! Can't wait! Hugs and kisses from Florida!