zoe elizabeth: 10 months

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I will begin this with a video:

The girl has taken off. One day she was taking a step or two here and there. The next day she decided that crawling is so 2011 and didn't look back. And she is fast. I may or may not have already lost her a time or two as she really likes to sneak out the back door.

She has had a lot of changes with her eating habits this past month. Or rather, her taste buds. Things she wouldn't eat before, now she loves. Foods she used to love, now they are thrown off the high chair in disdain. 

Another big change that has happened over the last month is our friend "separation anxiety" has made its appearance. Zoe is extremely clingy at the moment and likes me in her line of sight at all times. While frustrating at times when I really need to do something, I've never had a mommy's girl before...and knowing she is my last, I am sort of enjoying it. I know it will pass and soon I will become the seeker.

Here's a photo series I like to call "the balloon"... 

So happy to have the balloon.

Lets squish it into the ground with our face. Good idea.

This is not going to end well.
And it didn't. 
End well.
Pop! (yet another reason why balloons belong on the spawn of satan list)

No new words, still just babbles and lots of Dada, Baba, Mama, and squeals. No teeth yet either.

She doesn't like loud noises. At all. The vacumn cleaner is her worst enemy. As is the blender. Or Ezra.

She loves to bob her head to music and will do this funny little squat dance. She can now instigate a game of peek a boo and duck her head behind the coffee table and pop back up with a smile.

Stairs are conquered. Bottom baby gate is now up.

Watch out world. Here she comes.



We are into a whole new stage of life with you and I am loving it! You are so fun, so full of life. Your sweet crazy smile make your Daddy and I laugh all the time. And your siblings are over the moon for you, even if you are into their stuff now. You are such a blessing and we love you so much! Happy 10 months sweet girl!

your momma

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DebHambrick said...

love love love the video! and the balloon pic! She's a cutie pa tootie!! and I love her! Can't wait to see you all!