Remember, part 1

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Scripture is replete with this simple command: "Remember!" or "Do not forget what the Lord has done for you..."

Personally for me, taking time to remember what God has done in my life is extremely vital to building my faith and encouraging me to continue living in faith for the future. It is one of my main motivators for keeping a journal, so I can have an actual physical and tangible reminder of what God has brought me through. 

This week last year I was writing posts asking for prayers for our sweet Eli as he underwent a complete cranial reconstruction surgery. I was very (very!) pregnant and nervous about Zoe coming early like my others. 

You can read more about the surgery he underwent here.

As always, God showed off throughout that week. 
Eli did great. 
The surgery was extremely successful. 
Zoe stayed exactly where she was supposed to. 

And here we year later.

We recently took Eli for his one year follow up ct scan and visits with his doctors. Everything looked great and in the words of our neurosurgeon "Eli's brain looks happy." 

That's not the only thing that is happy. 

Man, I love this sweet happy boy. (even if he was threatening to shoot me with his water gun!)
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Tasha Via said...

See, you can't NOT blog, ha!

mommajeane said...

I love this sweet guy too. So glad it is this year....