the home stretch (and adventures in getting a family photo)

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We are in the home stretch here in NC this week.

Home inspection was yesterday, the mad packing up of (whats left in) the house starts this afternoon, see-ya-later lunches and dinners are happening, and a hundred other details are being worked out.

One of my favorite details that was worked out this week was getting a family picture made of our crazy crew for our missionary prayer card.

No small feat for any photographer...and I know this very well!

Good thing I didn't ask just any photographer! My friend Tonya Hurter (who I was just getting the blessing of digging into a friendship with...) is a wonderful photographer with a very similar style and eye to mine. She also homeschools and has three littles of her she is on the level with my world, ha!

She didn't just get the "family shot" (which I'm saving for the prayer card...) but captured some great moments that I will cherish forever.

Of course there is a silly one...we are the Hambricks!

Thank you so much Tonya!!! You blessed our family so much. If you are looking for a great family photographer, you can go here for her info. You can also read her take on our session here.

It is very possible that one of my children freaked us out by falling apart and telling us his "throat was getting hot!"
It is also very possible that we decided to cut our sessions short because we thought we needed to do an emergency benadryl run.
And it is also very possible that this child later admitted to swallowing a fly. Not sure why the fly made his throat feel hot. Or why he felt he needed to hide the swallowing a fly thing.
Due to the cutting it short, it is also possible that we didn't get that one perfect posed family shot for the prayer card and Tonya had to come back out to the house for a second session the next morning.

I bet you can't guess which child it was, ha?!!

We will be using this blog as our main website and information center while we are in Haiti. Therefore, it will be undergoing some changes over the next week or stay tuned throughout any weirdness or glitches on it in the coming days.

Also, if you would like a prayer card...please email me (jennifer @ and we will get one in the mail to you!

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Addie Goosby said...

LOVE the pictures!!! Miss you guys!

mommajeane said...

I know what you can give me for Christmas---I'd love anyone of these pics. They are beautiful but , I guess it helps if the people in the pic are - Maybe I am biased a bit :)

Sarah Skeith said...

Beautiful pictures!! The first one is my favorite :)