Anniversary recap

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Jeremiah and I had a great time on our "getaway" weekend. A HUGE thank you to "Aunt Keesha and Uncle Baikes" for taking such good care of the kids!

We left Friday night and checked into our swanky hotel, The Siena Hotel, in downtown Chapel Hill. I had a huge bouquet of flowers waiting for me...a replica of my wedding bouquet. How sweet.

We ate a delicious steak and shrimp dinner and explored the downtown area. It's weird how, yet again, we are less than 30min from Chapel Hill, but we had never taken the time to really explore it. It reminded me of our favorite NC city, Wake Forest...just on a bigger and more developed scale.

The next day I enjoyed a (surprise!) in-room massage. Ahhhh...incredible. We also enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast, took in the new Prince Caspian movie, and of course fit in some more food...our favorite mexican and cheesecake =)

We came home totally relaxed and renewed in our marriage. If only 5 year anniversary's could be every weekend =)
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Congrats on your anniversary. I'm to hear that you were able to "get away" and have some fun. Hope all is well.

How sweet! How fun! Such a blessing!