Helper Ella

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Ella is in a new fun stage...she wants to "help" me do everything! She asks me "can I help" at least 50 times a day. At least, that's what it seems like to me =)

She loves to help me make my bed every morning. She concentrates so hard that she sticks her tongue out and breathes heavy =)

Because of this new found love of helping, I am trying to channel her efforts in ways that she can actually be of help. A lot of this involves me letting go of things being done perfect or done "my way".

One of her new jobs this week is to feed the cats. She goes into the pantry and drags the cat food bucket all the way out to the side porch. She is calling "here Kitty, here Kitty, ya want yur breaf-est?!" the whole time. She then fills up the bowls and drags the bucket all the way back inside. Surprisingly, she does a really good job at it.

This morning she wanted to help me make Ezra's babyfood for the week. She helped me spoon the apples and sweet potatoes into the blender, turned it on, then helped me ladle it out into the ice-cube trays. You could tell that she was so proud of herself!

Now, if only I could get her to do LEAST favorite household chore!
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Tasha Via said...

Look at that "cheese" in the last picture!! That is one of my favorite stages too=)

Briana said...

i'm intrigued by this "blender/ice cube tray" arrangement you have going on. particurally the ice cube tray part of it. that's one i havent' heard.

do you freeze it? are you sectionalizing it (sectionalizing is a term that Trevor has coined, unfortunately he probably won't ever know that i'm using his word in a sentence...sigh...anyway...
ice cubes?

Yes, after I puree the fruit or gets poured into the ice cube trays. Once frozen into little sweet potato or apple or pear or squash or whatever fruit and veggie is on sale that week cubes, they are put into a labeled zip-loc bags and kept into the freezer. Much cheaper than the store bought stuff...and I like doing it =)