Ezra James - 8 months

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Yes, our son turned 8 months yesterday. Where is my tiny little newborn? I know I've mentioned this before, but the 2nd child really does seem to grow up SO fast.

He is still the most laid back, easy going little guy in the world! He is days, hours, minutes...VERY close to crawling. However, he doesn't really need to crawl as he just super-rolls wherever he wants to go. It's quite amazing how much ground he can cover by rolling! I had forgotten about this new stage of mobility...having to start telling him no to pulling at my plants and electrical cords. Geesh, I thought I was busy before! Oh, and he just learned how to wave bye-bye this week.

His favorite toy of the moment is the foam toe-spacer that they use for pedicures. He LOVES them! Of course, any toy that Ella is playing with will do too.

He still loves to eat and has become quite vocal about insisting we get the food inside his mouth quickly! He loves table food or anything I put on his tray and is VERY messy! At 8 months old, he is wearing 12-18 months sized clothes...so he is still a big boy. I love those leg rolls!

I love this little guy!
What a blessing!
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Tasha Via said...

Man, the time goes by way too fast. Josh told me that while the guys were watching all the kids Ezra just sat and took it all in. He hardly remembered that Ezra was around because of how content he was. What a blessing!!

He is such a cutie! We miss all of you guys so much. I'm glad to see the kids are doing great and I'm glad you had such a great time for Mom's day!!! Sounds like fun. Tell everyone we said hello and are praying for you guys.