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For those of you that know know that I have a pretty special family. I am one of 17 children. Yes, 17! Crazy, I know.

No, my mom didn't actually give birth to 17 children. We aren't like the Dugger family that way...and my mom's haircut is way better than Mrs. Duggar's too =)

5 of us are biological and 12 are adopted. 1 from Mexico, and 11 from Russia and Ukraine. Ages range from 29 to 6. No, I am not the 29 year old, I am still only 27 =)


Tomorrow morning my Dad, Mom, and youngest biological brother, Ben, 16, are flying to Ukraine to adopt more children. Ben is fluent in Russian and will be a big help with translating. Please pray for travel safety, smoothness of all the intricacies involved in the adoption process, safety and unity for the ones staying behind,peace in the hearts of the new children leaving behind all they have ever known, and that above all...the Lord be glorified!

I'll be keeping you updated. Thank You!
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Briana said...

wowzers! so is the 17 including the ones they are getting, or not? and if not how many more are joining the flock?

i miss you. hope your Thursday is fantastic.

p.s. wanna make a trek to VA this weekend? wink wink?

Tasha Via said...

What's a couple more=) We will def. pray for the WHOLE family.

Alan said...

Jennifer, just surfed in to your blog. Your parents sound like wonderful people. I take it they don't have a blog? I am interested in their story, maybe you can blog more on them and their trip, and their kids, etc. My wife and I are hoping to get over to Ukraine soon to adopt two kids. Blessings to you.

Alan said...

Jennifer thanks for stopping by our blog, I posted on your family at Will be following their story with interest. Thanks!