Memorial Day

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We had a big cookout yesterday with some of our best old friends/family and some new friends. Here are some pictures from our day of fun...

Ella and Cana having fun in the pool...I don't know how they stood the cold!

Ezra and Kayil are becoming fast friends. I just missed a shot of them "kissing" each other =)

Delicious spicy mustard glazed chicken...yum!

Yes, it really does take 4 guys to watch the grill =)

The real face behind our feast, our new friend incredible cook. Check out the size of those potatoes she is fixing!

Playing "Mafia" into the wee hours of the night.

No, the field isn't on fire...
Just trying to catch a shot of the volleyball game =)
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Tasha Via said...

just a little jealous=( but glad ya'll had fun.

Josh Via said...

not fair!

Kelly Via said...

Cana has the beginnings of "six-pack" abs in that pool picture:) What a fun night! Thanks for all the fun!! Definitely missed Tash and Fliz, though...I need to look into that real estate some more this week:)

Michaella said...

I got your message! Hate we missed out - looks like you guys had tons of fun. We didn't get back until Tuesday night.