Oh, the misery...

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Yesterday Jeremiah and I tackled weeding some of the flower beds here at the farm. After about 15 minutes into, I think we both were overwhelmed =) We has set quite ambitious goals of getting both front beds and both side beds finished.

Ha! When we finally stopped at dinnertime, we only got 1/2 of one front bed finished.

Oh well.

I paid the price for all that time outside...my allergies have gone into hyper-drive. Jeremiah tells me that my head is probably going to explode with all the drugs I have been popping in an attempt to stop my face from itching like I am being eaten alive by fire-ants.

Sorry for the disgusting mental image =)

I didn't make it to church this morning because my eyes were too swollen for my vanity to allow me to go.

I'm wondering...I've all but exhausted every OTC and prescription drug option...does anyone know of any natural or homeopathic allergy remedies?
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mommajeane said...

Oh Jenn I am sorry to hear that. Maybe you should not do the weeding. Or wear a mask when you do. I was hoping you would get some relief from the allergies... We will pray for you to feel better.Love you.

Kelly Via said...

Don't go outside. Don't have any fun. If you do have to go outside, don't stay long due to the fact that you should not BREATHE out there. Don't smell flowers. Don't open windows. Don't have any contact with the outside world.

thanks Kelly...that should definitely do it. best advice i've heard yet.

Tasha Via said...

Hmmm, Nose plugs, eye covers and a big plastic bubble like the bubble boy=) Sorry Jenn, wish I could help you dig up those pesky "dandy-flowers" and weeds.