Disconnected Train

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Our conversation coming home from church last night...

Ella: I was giving cubby bear a hug tonight.

Me: Thats nice.

Ella: Do you think that I could go to your class next time?

Me: Well, we got to go to church together last week and you stayed with me. Remember?

Ella: Where is Michael?

Me: I don't know. Probably at home getting ready to go to bed because it is sooo late.

Ella: What does his bed look like?

Me: I don't know.

Ella: I'll bet it looks like a big shoe!

Me: Maaaybe?

Ella: Mommy, are you a good fighter?

Me: Only when I am fighting to keep you safe.

Ella: Not as good as Daddy?

Me: Not as good as Daddy.

Ella: Remember when I frowed up my food at the table?

Me: Yes.

Ella: All my eggs came out of my tummy!

Me: Yep, they did.

Ella: Did you use a napkin or a towel to clean it up?

Me: I don't remember. Probably a towel?

Ella: Can I have two yogurts when we get home?

Alrighty, then.

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the broomes said...

Gotta LOVE the randomness!!! ...Anna Bell is super-random too- maybe it's a girl thing:)

Tasha Via said...

nice. all good questions...you just wonder what their train of thought was that got them there=)

Whew! That made me laugh out loud! Sometimes I just wish I could see how it all connects in their minds.

Briana said...

love this.