Technical Difficulties...

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We switched phone companies this week and have experienced, um, more than slight technical difficulties with our old company accidentally turning off our internet as well.

Which in turn means we have no phone because our new phone works through our DSL line.

Then, to further frustrate things we get almost no cell phone signal at the farm...we have to walk to our mailbox to make a call. Even then you never know if you will get a signal or not.


If you've tried to call or email or facebook me this week...I'm not ignoring you.

I'm writing now from Jerermiah's computer at work. Thank goodness for the post scheduler on blogger.

We've been told by our internet provider that (and I quote) it will be fixed in the next 10, or 24, or 48 hours.

Here's hoping!

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Ah! And I was going to blame the lack of a return to my phone call on Jeremiah not passing the message along! :)Hope you get it all fixed soon!

(P.S. Ella was super cute and giggly tonight during dinner. I hope she ate before she came though b/c all she had was a capri sun and a few potato chips!)