Thursday Thoughts

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I love these because I can be as random as I want. Which is a good thing these days.

Where is fall I'd like to know? 90 degree days and enough humidity to curl even my hair. Well, not really, but you get the point. Bleh. I say bring on the cool and crisp days! Of course that means leaves to rake...but I'll just choose to think about the good things of fall.

Like an all new season of Lie To Me.

Jeremiah and I got into the show last year and loved it. Smart, clean, creative...and we both felt like we became experts at reading facial expressions and body language after each show. Ha!

We were surprised to get our adoption application acceptance back on Monday of this week. Only 6 days after we mailed it. We were told it would be a good two weeks before we heard anything once they received it. Onto the next stage of the process! We also are well into the homestudy least the document gathering part of it. We should start our visits with our social worker next week. So exciting!

Continuing on with the theme of our adoption...

We are holding a yard sale to help with the funding of our adoption next Saturday, October 3rd from 8am-12noon for those of you in the Durham area.

Good friends of ours (in a prime location) have generously allowed us the use of their front yard for the we didn't think anybody would actually come out here to the farm =) If anybody has any items they'd be willing to donate for us to sell...just let us know!

I'll be posting more details about it next week.

I am taking the week off from couponing and cvs-ing. After last weeks Harris Teeter triple coupons and Krogers Mega sale...I just needed a break. I've enjoyed it.

What I've not enjoyed is meal planning this week. For some reason I feel stuck in a rut. I need to pull out the cook books and get re-inspired. Any suggestions?

My biggest feel-good-about-myself-accomplishment for the week is that I got the kids fall and winter clothes all organized and switched out. I kept a few summer outfits in their drawers because of our crazy North Carolina unpredictable fall weather. Shew. That is one job I am happy to have behind me.

Happy Thursday!
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Allyson said...

Two of our family's favorite recipes are

1. a roast my mom makes-- Just pop a chuck roast into the crock pot topped with one can of golden mushroom soup and 1 pack of lipton onion soup mix (comes in a box usually on the soup aisle) and let it cook on low for 6-8 hours and youve got a delicious meal with hardly any work -- and if you cook a larger roast there will be leftovers which make for a yummy lunch the next day!


2.another super easy meal is what i call cornflake chicken -- just dip the chicken (boneless) in chicken broth then roll in crushed cornflakes and bake at like 400 degrees until its done -- you get the delicious taste of fried chicken without all the calories! ----And if you put the chicken broth in like a ziploc bag and the cornflakes in another, you can just throw out the bags when youre done for an easy clean up!

Jennifer said...

It's great to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my new blog...I'll get you added to my blogroll.

Good luck with the fund raising...I need to get creative too!