On The Hunt

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I think yesterday was the perfect weather day...

Warm sun, cool breeze, and temperatures in the mid 70's!

The kids and I had packed up a lunch and were on our way to the car to head to the park when we realized that Jeremiah still had Ezra's car seat. We weren't going anywhere.

Time to improvise!

I put the kids in a quick roomtime while I made up a nature hunt...

Purple Flower
Oval Shaped Leaf
Yellow Flower
Pink Flower
Star Shaped Leaf

We went out on the hunt for our items and checked them all off...one by one. The feather was the last to be found...hiding in the weeds along the pond.

Ella really got into it...I think this will become a favorite game for her.

Ezra trooped along and captured the bug for us =)

Our reward?

Picnic lunch in our own yard...

Food just tastes better when you eat it outside!

How have you been enjoying the incredible weather this week?
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Way to improvise!:) I was wanting to be outside all day long, so I took a quick break last night to take the girls (and mommy - I thought I deserved a treat too!)out for ice cream. I'm stuck inside today too - I just keep telling myself that on Friday it will all be worth it! Lets do another play date after next week . . . maybe a princess nature hunt with a little prince tagging along :)

Kelly Via said...

We are SO doing the nature hunt! You come up with great ideas...seems so simple, yet, why didn't I think of it? Thanks for the great idea!