Not Me Monday

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I did not take an unscheduled blogging break this weekend due to the fact that I was entirely unmotivated. No, I only take blogging breaks when I am extremely busy and doing cool things.

I did not catch Ella this week making a list of what she needed to paint before she started painting. I have not created a monster.

I did not buy Chips Ahoy cookies with the m&m's in them under the guise of them being for the kids.

I did not become ridiculously motivated to rearrange my house after yesterdays trip to Ikea. Therefore I will be spending my labor day doing cool things and definitely not rearranging my furniture.

and finally...

Being the mature person that I am, I do not find the photos on this site absolutely hilarious.

Nope. Not me.

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Tasha Via said...

these always make me laugh=)