Scribbled Reminder

While doing my quiet time last week I turned the page in my journal to start a new entry.

Only, the page wasn't blank...

I talked with Ella later in the day and asked if she had written in my journal.

Her reply: Yea, I was just writing to God like you!

I'm glad to have her follow my footsteps in this area...but I was reminded once again of how closely my children are watching me. Everything I do is under their scrutiny. Even at their young ages. Even when I think it will go unnoticed.

They notice.


mommajeane said...

Excellent reminder! I am so glad she "sees" you both as her parents.

Deb H said...

that's so sweet, she knows your relationship to the Lord. They don't miss a beat!
I was making breakfast this morning and heard Christian talking, I turned around and Christian was praying, without me reminding him! Sweet moment for gramma!

Kelly Via said...

What a sweet post! Love it.

The Johnson Scoop said...

Aww, you need to write in that little story under her "scribbling."
I'm always amazed when I listen in on the girls playing together how much they pick up from us - unfortunately the good and the bad.


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