Two for Two

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I can now say I have called poison control for both of my children.

Here's the story:

Ezra came up the stairs and straight to me saying "gucky, gucky, gucky" while pulling at his mouth and whimpering.

Now other moms of boys will understand that when your little guys who normally loves all things gucky is actually complaining about something being gucky...that is not a good thing.

Oh yes. Did I mention that I could smell him before he made it to the top of the steps?

No. Not poop.

(Why do our minds always go to the thought of poop first?)

Besides, Ella has already won the award for eating poop.

I know the Lord wouldn't have me deal with that kind of a situation again. Something about Him not giving me more than I can stand?


It wasn't a bad smell that surrounded Ezra. It was actually rather pleasant.

Kind of like a field of lavender.

Or lavender fields scented Febreeze noticables wall outlet air freshener.

He had unplugged it and then disconnected the jar that holds the liquid and sucked on the nozzle thingie.

I rinsed his mouth out, washed his hands, changed his clothes, cleaned up the floor, and called poison control.

Thankfully, they said not to be concerned and just to offer lots of fluids.


Being a parent is never boring!

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Bobbie Grant said...

Well, that sounds fun. Oddly I have called posion control on myself (apparently 10 Excedrine Migraine in an 8 hr period is only need 6 in 24) but never on Reagan...yet.
You do need to blog about the eating poop, that would be interesting.

Judy said...

Unfortunately, I had to call Poison Control as well..

I came out of the shower one day to find Maddie, hiding next to our bed with a tube of toothpaste. She had it all over her face, legs, the nightstand and the carpet. Again, just plenty of fluids is what they recommended.

Fun times!