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Our little guy turned two years old today.


I still remember my tiny baby boy...

Who grew into a deliciously cute roly-poly...

Then morphed into a curious and exploring toddler...

And now, he is ready to drive away from us...

What joy his life has brought to our lives.

Here's a little bit about our Ezra James...

He still is a great sleeper and takes one afternoon nap lasting around 2 hours. He sleeps about 12 hours at night. He is extremely connected to his two (oh Lord, why did I let this happen?!) blankies and his paci. We are going to have to really work on breaking the paci habit here soon. He is still in his crib, but we will transition him to a big boy bed sometime this month.

He still loves fruit. It makes up about 80% or more of his diet. He also likes yogurt, chicken nuggets, cottage cheese, broccoli, carrots,peas, corn, beans, pizza, peanut butter, eggs, sausage, pork chops, macaroni and cheese, and cereal.

His first love remains cars, trains, and airplanes. Daddy is a close second =) He LOVES the Cars movie. He will sit and listen to books as long as 1) the book is about cars, trains, or airplanes or 2) We make up crazy voices to go along with the characters in the book. He is starting to like puzzles. Or rather, throwing the puzzle pieces. Yes, he is in quite the throwing stage. We are still working on that one.

He loves to be outside...pushing his cars, riding his car, making me swing him like a helicopter in the swing, jumping on the trampoline, swordfighting with sticks, throwing rocks, chasing Levi, catching bugs, or any other boy activity.

While he is still way behind verbally where his big sister was at two, he is starting to string 2 and 3 words together like, "go, Ella, go" or, "see a big car!" He will also attempt to repeat almost any word you ask him to. My favorite words he says right now are helicopter and motorcycle. They don't sound anything like the actual words...but his attempts are just too cute.

He has definitely mastered the art of throwing a two year old tantrum. He can be extremely stubborn at times...but quick to apologize or offer a hug after being corrected. He has started to say thank you and yes, ma'am (unprompted!) just this week.

He remains quite the cuddler and still runs up to me numerous times a day for hugs. I am trying to savor each one because I realize just how fast he is growing up. I have loved every moment of being his Mommy.

Happy Birthday my sweet Ezra James.

You are loved.
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mommajeane said...

I remember 2 yrs ago very much....driving down to see you and go to a baby shower, on Sept. 14.. you calling me and sharing,"I think I am in labor." Sure enough you were.. again very early (like 4 weeks or something) and then there was sweet, little Ezra. I remember Dad calling him "Easy" for Ezra because he was an easy going baby.He has been a precious gift.Happy Birthday Ezra!

Aww! That last picture is too cute! Happy Birthday Ez-a-ra!!

Deb H said...

Happy Birthday Ezra! We love you soo much!! You are a special blessing!

Hugs and kisses from

Gramma, Paw Paw, Aunt Addie, Aliya & Christian!

Tasha Via said...

How much did he weigh when he was born? He looks TINY in the first picture. you are right, he is growing up just so fast! Happy Birthday big boy=)

Happy Birthday Ezra. We cannot believe that you are already two. I love the way you smile at us and the dimples in your cheeks. You are a blessing to us.