From Poppy Seed to Pumpkin: Spaghetti Squash Week

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Our little girl weighs in at over a pound now (still doesn't explain the 11lbs I have gained...) and is about a foot long. Or just imagine a spaghetti squash.

Mmm...I could really go for some spaghetti squash right about now.

She is VERY active. The most active baby I have had. And she has developed a pattern of being VERY awake at night...around midnight she gets into her aerobics.

Too bad her mommy is such a slacker at doing her aerobics. Oh wait...its called the keeping up with 3 other children workout.

I am feeling mostly good. As good as a pregnant woman can feel, I suppose. Still sleeping good and having some crazy dreams lately. I've been craving watermelon and Reese eggs. And let me tell you, it is a good time of year to be craving Reese eggs. If I lift anything heavier than 5lbs or run the vacuum or push a cart at the grocery store my back really lets me know...but I am learning to accommodate and Jeremiah is an excellent massage therapist.

Nesting. Oh, the nesting. It is settling in...and I crazy bad want to go ahead and move kids rooms around and get everything ready. But it is going to be a major reorganization of kids and rooms and toys and things and we are going to need to designate a few days to the it probably won't happen until May. Until then I have settled for reorganizing my tupperwear drawer.

Before and After:

And going through all my baby clothes. I even gave away all my baby boy stuff...sniff.

And, last but not least...the belly shot:

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the broomes said...

You look SO cute, Jenn!!! I am counting down these days...probably only 4 weeks left...and finally nesting kicked in for me a few weeks ago. It started so much earlier with the others, I was getting a little nervous at my lack of maternal motivation with this one:)

Tasha Via said...

Looks like we've both been cleaning out the cabinets this week:)

Jennifer said...

Yay for the belly shot!!! You look awesome, mommy!