Not Me Monday

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I did not write the following apology note to Jeremiah this weekend:

I never do anything to warrant an apology to my husband.

2) Especially something as ridiculous as what the note said.

I mean, come on. Really? Who does stuff like that?

Not me.

**disclaimer: permission to share was given by all parties involved **
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Scotti said...

I am most definitely not laughing my head off at this, nor intend to channel this into a new way of making someone lose the game. Nope. Not me.

Kristen said...

After reading this Saturday, I did not have a conversation with my husband about whether or not I need to apologize to him when complaining about the same offense.

And we did not decide together that if his butt really does stink, I don't need to apologize.

Briana said...

the question is, are you going to have to write another one for posting about his stinky butt on your blog? ;) hehehee, if you do, please be sure to post that one too.

Jeanne said...

I did not, and would never, chuck my son's school backpack out the car window without even slowing down. That would be stupid and unproductive (we would, of course, have to go back and retrieve it due to homework, lunchbox,, etc.). But boy, if I ever did do that it would get both of my kids' attention, however fleeting.