Thursday Thoughts (on Friday, again)

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I had to ran errands all day long one day this week. And I do mean ALL day long. I had the kids with me and they were awesomely awesome. To reward their awesomeness we stopped off at a park on the way home and I told them they could play to their hearts content. There were several other kids there all around my kiddo's ages...and they all combined to make this giant preschool party. Somehow Ella, Ezra, and another little boy came up with the idea that the giant tunnel was a spaceship that was about to take off.

Their takeoff countdown sounded something like this: 15...14...13...17...11teen...9...8...7...3...2...1

Cracked me up every time. Which was a lot because they were quite entertained by this game.

By the time we made it home we were all woofed. So I quickly did dinner, bath, and put a movie on for them.

That's when the highlight of my day happened. Actually, the highlight of my last 9 months with Eli. Especially considering the week we had with him last week.

He climbed up in my lap (or should I say, what is left of my lap) and snuggled into me. And then promptly fell asleep.

In the past if he was really tired he would just conk out on the couch or even go back to his bed by himself. But this time he wanted me. And I'm so glad he did.

I leave this morning for a birthday girls (our 30th, yikes!) weekend getaway with my best gal pal, Briana. We go waaaay freshmen year of high school. Goodness, the dirt we have on each other.

I don't even know if I'll know how to act. No kids and no husband. Good thing I'm preggers or else I just might get a little wild, ha!

It's also a good thing I have an awesomely awesome husband whom I never even think twice about leaving the kids with. Seriously. And an awesomely awesome friend who is helping out with the kids on Sunday so that my stay can be extended for the whole weekend!

Happy Friday!
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Becky Swann said...

Hope yo two had fun this weekend I hate that I missed seeing you. But I know that some quality J and B time was probably totally just amazing!

Briana said...

i am not ok with this picture. dirt indeed, do you want to go there? ;)