Thursday Thoughts (on Friday)

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My silly boys worked hard at attempting to "cross their eyes" this week...

Eli has had a few better days since I last wrote. Slow steps back.

I didn't write yesterday because I was on my way up to my family in the north. And for any robbers that might get any ideas...don't. even. bother. I left my ex navy seal husband at home to bach it for the weekend. Along with a team of septic tank workers who are finally filling in the swimming pools and backyard jacuzzi's. We are sadly losing our redneck status.

What was supposed to be a 5 1/2 hour trip ended up taking almost 8 hours. I might have had to stop to pee every hour. Not the kids. Me. And I was less than an hour away from arrival when I saw a sign letting me know that my road was closing up ahead due to a catastrophic automobile accident. I got off on a side road, hoping to divert it, and ended up sitting on a small side road for almost two hours instead. Fun times. Oh, and I had to pee (again). I was seriously considering pulling out one of Eli's pull ups. I cannot brag on my kids enough though...they did AWESOME. I seriously don't think I heard one complaint come out of their lips.

(For all of you parents of really small kids...road trips really do get easier! I promise.)

We are one gigantic step closer to choosing a name for the little girl be bopping around in my belly. We actually found a name that we both like. And here's a shocker...its NOT an E name. And to be cruel...we are not sharing yet. We want to try it out for a little while to see if it sticks. Although I'm pretty sure you could get it out of Ella with a little pressure. (She likes bubble gum.)

Happy Friday!
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Kelly Via said...

Love how you told us how to bribe your daughter. I may just have to try it ;)