february photo challenge (day 16): down low

it was a fitting challenge title for today as the littlest has been brought down low by the nasty bug going around.

yes, i know i look tired.
that is what happens when the bug strikes at midnight. and midnight and a half. and one...

why do bugs always come in the middle of the night?

and now the rest of us wait...
eating each meal wondering if we shall see it again?


Tasha Via said...

I hate to say it, but I'm SO glad we didn't see ya'll after all yesterday:(

Our Family said...

I am so sorry that she is feeling bad! I hope that she gets better soon and I hope no one else in the house gets it ... thinking of you!

Erin Snyder said...

she looks so pitiful, but she is still SO cute! i hope she feels better soon and that everyone else stays healthy!

Kelly Via said...

Oh NO!!! Oh. no. This is bad news. I hope Zoe feels better soon, that you guys don't get it, and that we didn't bring it home :)

SO sorry to hear this, Jenn!!


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