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I learned right alongside my kids the whole month of January as we studied the solar system.

Which was really needed as my knowledge base of the solar system was embarrassingly low. (Right, Addie!) I think I must have been sick that week in elementary school because I knew nothing!

And, who knew?
The whole thing is amazingly interesting!

Not to brag or anything, but our dining room is so big it can hold all of the known planets....

A planet match game. Played many many times.
This web site. Among many many others.
A felt craft.
This movie.
This book. Among many many others.
Rocket building.
A lesson on acronyms as a memorization tool. (I think it really sunk in: Next time you see Ella ask her to name the planets in order from the sun.)

We were able to work the theme into several other subjects as we graphed the average temperatures on all the planets, used stars and planets as manipulatives for our addition and subtraction problems, and finished up the week with a written report, painstakingly correct in grammar and punctuation.

I think this is one subject that we will delve into on another month as there was so much we didn't even get to cover (moon phases...) and so much we only scratched the surface on (gravity...), but overall I was really excited with what we were able to learn.

Ok, maybe I was really excited with what I was able to learn, ha! But the kids really enjoyed it too.

Next month: the human body...
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ADawson said...

Haha, I'm so glad you enjoyed your month of learning science! Don't forget Carmen's old song "There is a God" and all his science/space talk :)

Enjoy the human body! I think Florida should be on your list one know, to explore the beach, the lizards and the gators ;)