not me monday: the end of the world

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I NEVER overreact to having a stomach bug introduced in my house.

Therefore I have not made all my children sleep with buckets at the ends of their beds.
I did not pull up all the miscellaneous rugs in and en route to the bathroom.
I definitely did not practice the quickest escape routes to the bathroom with them.
And my pantry is not stocked up with gatorade, ginger ale, saltine crackers, and lysol. Lots of lysol.


I did not rearrange my school science unit and swap learning about the skeletal system for the digestive system in an attempt to capitalize on not having to leave home for the field trip.

Oh no. Not me. Not never.
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mommajeane said...

:) Hope things improve and no one else gets it.

Stacey said...


Marci said...

I don't over react about it either... I don't keep a stock pile of flat sheets to cover every surface with or make them keep bowls on their beds either...

Jenn, I am soooooooo sorry. Me and Poppee infected your entire household. I did not know until today that you all have been sick. I pray that you ALL bounce back real quickly. Man, we really owe you! Ha! Lots of love your way..