february photo challenge (day 19): makes you blush

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It was a tie between these two photo's.
I couldn't decide.
Therefore, you get both.

Both, equally make me blush.


9 years.
4 kids.
and 5 moves later.
he still has that power over me.


this is proof for all of you that think my house is never messy.
or my kids out of control. (oh, wait...nobody thinks that!)
yes, that is ezra in his underwear.
somehow his clothes got eaten by the clothes eating monster that lived under the blanket that afternoon.
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mommajeane said...

I love this...Isaiah came over and was looking at the messy pic and his comment was,"Man that's a mess". I thought that was funny that another little boy would recognize a "mess"...He did say after that, " Oh I see they are building a fort." Like that makes the mess ok. :)