thursday thoughts (on friday)

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Back home again.

So nice to be home.

We had a great visit up north with my family.

And since Greg Fishel and I are so tight, he sent a message to the weatherpeople up there and made it snow just for us.

Wasn't that nice of him?!

It was Zoe's first snow and she was quite mesmerized by the view out the front door.

I was mesmerized for other reasons: mainly the cute sqishy-ness of her cheeks.

And according to my husband: you have to play football in the snow. Mandatory snow rules.

And who says you have to celebrate I love you day on I love you day?
Rebels, we are.

Playing bingo with candy hearts!

Normal life is hard to get back to today.

Happy Friday!
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mommajeane said...

We loved every minute of your visit...and I found an airplane on the front yard this am...tell Ezra it either landed from NC or is soon going to take off for there :) Love you guys !