thursday thoughts

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Zoe is such a snuggler.
Best part of my day today was her snuggles this morning.

My pre-coffee face for your viewing pleasure. See, I told you I don't look like a super model all the time.

And then she spit up all over me.

Oh well. It was still the best part of my day.

I think I am going to do one of those photo a day challenges for the rest of February. I saw this idea on another blog and thought I'd try it as I've been quite uninspired lately in the picture taking department. Maybe this will force me into some photo creativity and out of my slump.

Feel free to join in.

I'm still not sure how it is already February 2nd already?
Somehow I made it to and through January...the month I couldn't wait to get to for the whole second half of 2011. I wouldn't say January was boring, but it was definitely much more manageable. I actually feel as though I got to take a deep breath.

I hear tell that the groundhog saw his shadow this morning. I think we are supposed to actually have had a winter in order for us to have 6 more weeks of it? Not that I'm complaining.

And I don't usually do birthday shout outs on here for my family because I could pretty much write one every day with as big as my family is, ha! However, I have a certain brother that is worth giving a birthday shout out to as he is super special in my kids life...

Happy Birthday Uncle JoJo (or Jofus as they love to call you)!

You joined our family 6 years ago...and we (especially this little boy sitting atop your shoulders) are so glad you did! We love you.

Happy Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer it made me cry ... Thank you sooooooomuch and I love you guys to

mommajeane said...

That did make Joseph cry- one of the reasons he is so endearing. We all can't wait to wrap our arms around you all soon---excited here.