zoe elizabeth: 9 months (the particulars)

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Her walking is exciting stuff, but I know some of you (if you are like me) enjoy the details too...

Zoe is an ounce shy of 20lbs and according to her doctor is absolutely perfect. But, then...I already knew that.

  • Still no teeth and her big gummy grin makes me smile.
  • Has learned how to drink from a sippy cup.
  • Can wave bye-bye and play "so big" and "peek-a-boo". When she wants too, of course.
  • Loves tomato's, spaghetti or anything covered in marina sauce, kiwi, mexican burritos, yogurt, and sweet potato's. Doesn't like bananas.
  • Takes 2, approx 2 hour naps a day. When she doesn't feel like naps are for babies.
  • Sleeps 7pm-ish to 7am-ish. Not unusual for her to wake up 1x because of a lost paci.
  • Has gotten very attached to her green blanket.
  • Is busy, busy, busy. The girl really doesn't sit still for anything these days. Although, she does let me rock her to sleep at bedtime. Which is bliss. And balm to my heart because this girl just seems so hell bent on speeding through the baby stage.
  • Loves wrestling with her Daddy and being carried around by her big sister.

And since I seem to have written a lot of letters to Zoe asking her to please stop this growing up so fast thing...and it obviously isn't working, I thought I'd change tactics and try some reverse psychology. Shhh, don't tell her though.

Dear Zoe,

Keep growing up girl, faster and faster! Don't slow down. At all or ever. Please.

Love forever,

Your Momma

p.s. You are loved loved loved and cherished and enjoyed.

Happy Nine Months sweet girl!

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DebHambrick said...

Love this picture/post and the matching clothes! How cute! You are such a great mommy! Give them a squeeze from me!

K said...

Adorable photo! Such sweet girls!!

Kelly Via said...

Very precious. I love the details. She is growing up so fast; my goodness!

mommajeane said...

They both are precious...Love hearing about their sister relationship. Every picture you share Zoe changes so much.