Homeschool: A Bug's Life

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Oh, you have flown by. We are now in crack down mode to finish up all our books and meet all our goals for the year so that we can officially take a summer break. It is getting so close...

Focus, Jenn...

We had a great month of school. Our science theme for the month was bugs. And let me tell you, my kids are crazy about bugs! They have no fear, bug are their friends, and they have been all about some bugs this month!

I've decided bugs make for an incredible unit study because there are so many ways to incorporate bugs into all the other subjects and it is easy to separate the activities into the different academic levels of my kids. 

Of course we did crafts...for this one we diagrammed the parts of an insect.

We made several field trips to various parks equipped with magnifying glasses and bug jars, and recorded their findings in their bug journals.

They enjoyed making clay replica's of the bugs we were studying. Ezra really got into this activity and made clay bugs for days. In true Ezra form he would get frustrated when he couldn't "get the thorax right." That boy is such a perfectionist.

We learned about the similarities and differences between a moth and a butterfly and made an illustrated chart to display them.

The kids had fun acting out what happens when an insect sheds its exoskeleton...I fed them snacks until they burst out of their own exoskeleton, ha! 

The highlight of the month (according to Ella) was her receiving letters from the insects. Which had to be read with a magnifying glass of course, since insects write very very small.

It was only fitting then that our author of the month was, of course, Eric Carle.  I'm such a sucker for his colorful illustrations. And all his bug themed books fit perfectly into our month.

I found this website as a great resource for e-books and even a fun printable game, which Ella totally kicked all our tails on.

In non-bug related breakthroughs I have to document the fact that Eli has finally mastered writing his name! It may not sound like much to you, but this was huge progress for him (and me)! He now writes his name with confidence and I couldn't be prouder. I may or may not have taken a video of this...

Also, in other non bug related learning, Ella made up a "smart chart" which is basically a 1-100 chart. It has been a good tool to use for games (put the seashell on the sum of 11 + 9, etc...) and for help with all those counting by 2's, 3's, and 4's we have been working on.

One more month to go!

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Erin Snyder said...

every time i hear eli talk i can't get over how much his speech has improved!!