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It can't be Thursday again?! (can it?)

Jeremiah and I celebrated 9 years of marriage yesterday. It can't be 9 years? (can it?!)
Man, I love that man.

Sweet picture.

Just because you've been married for 9 years doesn't mean you can't still have fun together. And take stupid pictures. I think it says something about our relationship that we have more pictures like this one than the first?!

Thanks to friends (thanks again Matt and Dana!) we had almost 24 hours together...just us. It was wonderful. And relaxing. And it's good to re-remember that you really do like each other and would choose the same person all over again. We finished the day up eating "special pie" (as the kids called it) and watching our wedding video with them. I even modeled my wedding dress for them. Ella got quite the kick out of it and told me she wants to wear it when she gets married.

Yeah, I don't think that is really going to happen seeing as she is getting really close to surpassing me in height at 6 years of age. Or the fact that we have to make it through the teenage years and I'm pretty sure her tastes will change. 

Can I admit that I am a little to happy at the fact that the dress still fits? Ok, I admit it. I did an internal happy dance when the zipper went up all the way.
 Look who is happy to be our new work out buddy...

I have been a very busy bee working on a new project-slash-venture that I am excited about. (Hence the lack of blogging this week.) I hope to unveil it later next week!

And, finally, I will end this with my favorite photo of the week.
I found them all like this one afternoon...

Makes my heart all mushy.

Happy Thursday!
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DebHambrick said...

love love love the pictures! I can't believe it has been 9 years either!! That can't be, that's half my age!! ;-) lol!

congratulations you two! You ROCK the meaning of marriage and we are so very proud of you and your immitation of Christ and the church! You are leaving a legacy for your babies!