florida photojournal: beach bums

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My favorite part of the trip...the beach.
I love the beach.
I can feel my heart rate slow down as soon as I smell the heavy salty air.
And this day, Zoe's first trip to the beach, did not disappoint.

Zoe loved it and was characteristically...fearless.

I have a thing for goggle pictures. They just make me laugh.

This kid is very serious about his sand soup.

She would love nothing more than to turn into a mermaid.

Zoe was making sure that PawPaw didn't burn the burgers.

See. You laughed too, didn't you.

This boy is always writing his name. Everywhere. Anywhere. All the where.

All tuckered out and time for a cat nap.
I'm ready to go back.
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Tasha Via said...

I just felt my heartrate slow just reading about YOUR time at the beach:)

Miss you today!