swiftly fly the years: Ella McKay turns 8

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I first started this blog as a way to document Ella's growing up and this crazy mothering journey. And as an easy way for our long distance grandparents to see pictures and keep updated...

She wasn't even two at the time.

And today she turns 8.

Gone is the pudgy crazy haired two year old (party on one side, business on the other!)
She is all legs and arms and toothless grins these days.

Yes, people...the girl finally lost a tooth the regular way!
Only after months and months of wiggling....

Ella loves and is thriving in school! She is my bookworm and has spent all my money buying new books for the kindle. I kid not. (Amazon gift cards are a good gift idea for this one, ha!)

She loves to create "environments" in her play...spending hour upon hour turning old cereal boxes into houses for her polly pockets or animals. She loves card games, board games, or any kind of game. She loves pizza and cream cheese and crackers and still doesn't have much of a sweet tooth. She loves movies. She loves to stay up late and sleep in. She gets highly annoyed by her little brothers. She loves her Zooble. She doesn't like when our plans change last minute. She has a very clear idea of the way things should be done. She loves to help out in the kitchen and has taken on more and more responsibility on helping out around the house. She loves to play with the girls at the mission and is doing a good job at picking up the Kreyol language.

To say that I am proud of this not so little girl is an understatement. I have moments where I watch her and see her compassion and exuberance for life and genuine love for her Jesus and I just want to burst.

Of all of our kids, Ella had the most to "sacrifice" by our move to Haiti. She was just hitting that age where friends and peers were starting to become more important in her life and she has felt the loss of her close friends and family keenly at times. But she has allowed the Lord to fill in those gaps. I have seen her at her lonely moments and she has cried out to God...and he has faithfully turned her mourning into joy in the mornings.

As a mommy, it is always hard to watch your child struggle and to not want to run in and just fix it all for them. But so many times over these last 10 weeks I have felt the Holy Spirit tell me to just listen to her and allow Him to comfort her...

And he has.

Ella McKay,

You are something special. I love being your Mommy and watching you grow up into this beautiful young lady. I can see how you have allowed the Lord to work in your life and I am so incredibly proud of you. I enjoy you and love playing games with you...even if you beat me most of the time! I know that this big move to Haiti hasn't been easy for you all the time, but I am so proud to see how you have worked through those tough moments and what you are learning on this great big adventure. Oh, the stories you will tell! Keep pressing into Jesus and sharing his love with whomever he puts in your path. 

You are loved deeply and fiercely and forever...to the great big moon and back.

Happy 8th Birthday!

Love always,

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mommajeane said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ella. I remember exactly where I was when you were born- in Ukraine traveling in a car. I can’t believe 8 yrs have gone by and I would agree with your momma. I am very proud of you and I am blessed watching how you are discovering the love of Jesus in your life. I only wish it was closer so I could see you and laugh with you. You have such a sweet quiet smile that I miss. You have handled the changes in your life well. I am proud of your walk into your Haiti journey. I know it has been hard but your ability to push thru your pain and see Jesus in your life is amazing. May you feel my love for you as you celebrate your 8th birthday . Love you- Nana