Thursday Thoughts

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Our school director has been back in the states since last week. This means that Jeremiah and I have gotten to juggle the school duties all week alongside everything else going on...which has made this week just one big blur. It's been a great week though and everything has gone smooth.

Except for the fire incident and near explosion and the nothing-short-of-a-miracle-miracle.

Yeah...except for that, it's all been good.

Ella turns 8 years old this Saturday!

Zoe has decided that since she is the baby of the family and the last chance for us to experience the full depth of the tenacity of a two year olds terribleness...that she'd show us.

Fun times.

Too bad there is not a craigs list here in Haiti.
Or perhaps it is a good thing?

Good for her.

Ahem...moving on.

So about that fire incident...

I had walked over to the mission in the afternoon and noticed a lot of smoke billowing over by our school bathrooms. Now, here in Haiti everybody burns their trash and there is nothing special about seeing smoke...usually. This was A LOT of smoke. And it was in the very near vicinity of our mission generator and gallons of diesel and gasoline.

I walked over and noticed that not only was there a lot of smoke, but that the coconut tree was completely engulfed in flames. The coconut tree that has several branches hanging over the wall...right over the diesel and gasoline.

There is no 911 here in Haiti, so I did the next best thing. I called Jeremiah.

The sexiest first responder I know =)

At this point all our staff was gathering to try to put out the fire. We moved all the containers of fuel and got hoses run to put on it.

We also had the pipe that runs water to our bathrooms completely burst from the heat of the the exact spot that made it shoot water right onto the fire. Without that extra burst of water, it could have been a very bad thing. It was truly nothing short of a miracle.

Fun times.

I told you things are never boring!

I had to google when Thanksgiving was this year. I realized what the date was yesterday and then panicked because I thought Thanksgiving was today...and then calmed down when I saw that it is next Thursday. I tell you my sense of time and seasons is completely warped here.

We actually had a day last week where we only made it to 89 degrees. Positively chilly, I tell you.

Happy Thursday!

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