Beyond the face: Marc

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Name: Marc (although I fondly refer to him as sweet cheeks in my head...)

Age: 4 years old today!

Favorite color: Green

Favorite food: Any and all! Did you see those cheeks?! Sidenote: This boy eats sloooow and relishes every bite. 

Likes: Playing with cars, Causing mischief at bedtime, music and dancing, and playing with the big boys.

Dislikes: He is TERRIFIED of a cute little stuffed monkey we have at the mission. (Its almost cute...only if I were twisted and mean. Which I'm not. So its not cute at all. Ahem...) Going to bed. Having to sit still or share his toys. 

He was thrilled to sit still for this picture, if you can't tell.
Marc is the youngest boy at our mission and loved by all. He has a very shy smile that will melt your heart...but don't let him fool you, he can turn four year old boy like nobodys business! He is masterfull at the limp noodle move. He loves loves loves to be included with the big boys and lights up when they give him attention. One of my favorite memories thus far in my life includes watching him dance one night...oh, he has got some moves!

And his smile...

We love you sweet cheeks Marc!

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