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I know there are a lot of strong feelings about the celebration of Halloween. And while I respect others opinions, we have always embraced the holiday as a wonderful way to have innocent fun with our kids, carve pumpkins, eat candy, enjoy each other and love on neighbors that we otherwise wouldn't meet. 

However, living in Haiti has shown us a much different perspective on the holiday. Halloween is celebrated here...in fact it is a 2 day holiday known as the "Day of the Dead" or Fete des Morts. Everything, including schools and the government shut down for this voodou celebration that includes a lot of dark things. 

It is easy to say that it is a harmless holiday. I'd even agree for the times we celebrated in America within our family and neighborhood. 

However, when you have a Haitian friend who grew up without a mother because she was sacrificed in a voodou ceremony....it changes your perspective. It made us realize that we have to be much (much) more aware and cautious. We do not live in fear, but we cling to Jesus. 

With all that said, we also know that while we may not be able to "redeem" the holiday here in Haiti...we are redeemed. We have the freedom in Christ to live like it.

And so, we celebrated the day with some simple crafts...

We call this one Tom Selleck.

We also celebrated with a bonafide real pumpkin! We've carved a pumpkin together every year since we got married and I was so sad over the thought of not getting to carve one this year. Jeremiah knew this and somehow, somewhere, for some outrageous amount of money I'm sure...brought me home a pumpkin to carve. That is what you call love, people. 

We also got an invitation to join in The Apparent Projects halloween party...for some trick or treating in the artisans shops and a time of fellowship with other missionaries and their families. The kids got to go apple bobbing, have their faces painted, trick or treat, and paint a gourd.

If you've never heard of the Apparent Project, go now and check out their website. I love their ministry and what they are doing here in Haiti.

I may be a few days late, but from our family to yours...Happy Halloween!
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susan said...

I appreciate your writing about Halloween in Haiti. Our church supports a Haitian pastor and he can't believe that we let our children partake in Halloween. I have struggled with this thought for many years. Thanks for putting your view out there.