7 Weeks In and What Are We Really Doing

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**I just read through this and realized how long it is. My apologies. And kudo's for anyone who actually makes it all the way to the end!**

Today marks 7 weeks that we have called Haiti home.

It has flown by and lasted forever, all at the same time. It is sort of like those newborn baby days, where the days and nights are so incredibly long and yet, one day you wake up out of your fog and you have a one year old...and it all seemed to go by so fast...in retrospect.

Yep, that's it.

Some people have recently asked what it is that we are actually doing...

Good question, people.

I finally feel like I have an accurate answer for you, now that we have some weeks tucked under our belts.

We have no official title.
However, I think the term "field directors" seems a fitting one.
So, we shall go with that...

We are the field directors at Have Faith Haiti Mission here in Delmas 33, Port au Prince, Haiti. Our mission provides housing, food, clothes, health care, education, and Christian discipleship for (currently) 30 children, ranging in ages from 4 to 17.

Cinlove, one of our middle-aged girls.
Our mission employs all Haitian nannies, teachers, cooks, janitors, etc. We also work with a night time director, a school director, and an operations director. We all work together as a team, although we oversee certain aspects of the mission...namely the health care, discipline, discipleship, and fulfilling a parental role model for the kids.

This means that our days are filled with everything from changing out toothbrushes for all the kids, making sure all the toilets are working properly, doing daily devotions, leading a bible study with the older kids, reading stories, making snacks, having nanny meetings, dealing with numerous maintenance issues, checking fevers, making emergency runs to the hospital, celebrating birthdays, playing games, and on and on and on.

No day is ever the same and we are busy, busy, busy!

It is a good thing that Jeremiah and I are a good team, because we both have to work hard at this to make sure all the bases are covered...at the mission and on the home front. We have really had to switch and share some roles that we haven't in the past. That part has (mostly) gone smooth as we are adjusting to life here, and what is required from both of us. There is NO one else on earth I could imagine doing this with than him.

Our mission kids came to Have Faith because of a variety of circumstances.
All of them tragic and heart wrenching.
All of them have experienced loss.

Because of our own adoption and all our reading and research (and the daily reality of dealing with the consequences of Eli's early years) on the impact that institutional living has on a child - We feel a unique responsibility to stand in the gap for these kids. To address the circumstances that lead to most of the tragic impacts of institutional living.

We are very well aware that God's best plan for all kids is to live a life in a secure position within a family.

However, that will not be a reality for these kids...due to circumstances way outside our control. And so, while we are here, while we have been allowed influence in their lives, we are going to make sure that this is the best environment possible for them and share the great big love of their Heavenly Father with them.

A Father who will never die or abandon them.
A Father who delights in them.

Don't be fooled by her sweet smile here...this girl is capable of major spunkiness!  
Some specific ways you can pray for us as we settle into a slightly more seasoned time of ministry here in Haiti:

- Pray for health - Both for our family and our mission family. We have had 2+ intense weeks of health issues and I am ready for good health to return to all!

- Pray for us to stay motivated, encouraged, and focused - I am learning that mission life can be very isolating, especially when there is so much to do within the walls of my house and mission. Every text or email sent to us is cherished and read and re-read during those moments of discouragement.

- Pray for us to have wisdom - Oh my goodness, if I thought parenting my 4 kiddo's was hard...tacking on caring for the needs of the 30 others has been challenging and overwhelming to say the least! We desperately need wisdom in dealing with every issue that arises!

- Pray for our marriage - We are working hard together, but have VERY little face to face time here. Pray for us to find ways to connect and stay strong in this very busy season of life.

- Pray for our kids - They are doing so well, but their days are not without their own struggles of missing friends and family and familiarity. Zoe has asked on numerous occasions to "go see Abby" (our dog) and it breaks my heart that she doesn't understand why we can't go see her. Pray for their little hearts in this time.

- Pray for fruitfulness in our ministry - Pray we make the most of every opportunity. Pray our words fall on healthy soil. Pray our actions speak louder than our words. Pray for the hearts of the kids in our mission.

- Pray for continued provision - The Lord has been so faithful in providing for us, through so many of you! I am continually blown away, week by week, for how He is taking care of us...down to our smallest needs.

 Lastly, thank you to everyone who has prayed for us, sent us an email or text, supported us financially, or encouraged us! We absolutely could not be here without you and we are so thankful!
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janetvia said...

Jenn and Jeremiah,
Our hearts were so moved when we read this from you. We do pray for you on a daily basis and miss you terribly. We will do better on the emails however. If I was away from home I would love to hear from home. Please tell the kids that Abby is doing great but she misses them. We miss you too. All our love, Rick and Janet

Miranda said...

Thanks for sharing more of your life and the day to day with us on here. So helpful for prayer! I am so encouraged at all the ways your trusting God and letting go. I have always related so much to your mama's heart for home, so it's neat to see God providing grace for those within and without your walls in this new season. See your card everytime I open my fridge (and eat NOTHING awesome at all of course...) and pray!

Leah H said...

Jenn & Jeremiah,

I cried as I read through your blog. It is so exciting to see what God is doing through your family. Chris and I have been praying for you, your children, and your mission and will continue to do so. We have printed out your prayer list and it is posted on our fridge so we all know what exactly we must take to the Throne. Sending love your way! The Hackers