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I woke up with 5 mosquito bites on my left hand this morning. I took great satisfaction finding and squishing that low flying pest. His satisfaction over his full belly was short lived.

Back in October I wrote about our visit from the Detroit Muscle Crew. We had a crew from Fox news travel with them and they did a story on our mission, which just aired last night. You can watch part 1 of the story by going here. Part 2 comes out tonight. Kinda cool, huh.

Jeremiah and I are going on a date tonight. Words cannot even express how crazy excited I am. (thank you thank you thank you Allyson for making this possible for us!)

Eli read his first book all by himself this week! I have written on how many hurdles he has crossed academically on so many occasions so I know you will understand that this milestone was HUGE! I was so so so so proud of him!

This little guy is my hero.

I also think it is great to note that so far, all three of my children's first book has been in the Bob Books series. I love those books and have really found them to be great confidence builders for new readers.

I ate some of the best sushi I have ever had this week here in Haiti.

I know...sushi in Haiti?
That's what I thought when I heard about it!

But seriously, it was delicious and fresh and I didn't get sick from it, ha!

Now, if only I could find a way to get our favorite Mexican restaurant to relocate to Haiti, I'd be set.

And broke.
So, its probably a good thing.

Cooking dinner here has been a real challenge, because 9 out of 10 days I am cooking dinner without any power. And thanks to daylight savings time, I am now cooking by candlelight as there isn't any natural light left by the time I can make dinner. The crock pot would be a great option...if power didn't go off by 3 pm or I had a way to keep it warm...

I have started to cook more and more of a dinner meal at lunch time, and we just do something simple like sandwiches or cereal for our evening meal.

I'm learning and adapting...week by week.

Ok, I'm off to start the day.

Did I mention that I have a date tonight?!
I might even wear my hair down for the first time ever since we stepped off the plane 7 weeks ago.

Happy Thursday!

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Rebecca said...

I think about you guys a lot and am praying for you!