Day 1 at NYMC

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Well, I got to my hotel around 4 yesterday. I am on the 28th floor overlooking downtown Cincinnati. Its pretty sweet. I had breakfast this morning on the 31st floor. This hotel is the best I have ever been in. They have this tray in the bathroom with a razor, toothbrush, fancy soap, a comb, a shoe sponge (whatever that is), and a stitch kit for clothes. They actually put a needle and thread kit in their bathroom tray. WOW. It snowed like crazy all day and last night was freezing as I strolled the streets of Cincinnati looking for a music store. You would think a place like this would have a music store, but I never found one. Its a pretty cool place though. 
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Josh Via said...

Pal, way to be the most stylin' youth pastor in the world. You should be leading worship at that deal!!