Insane in the membrane (remember that song?!)

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Jeremiah is in Cincinnati (or Cincindaddy as Ella says) until monday for a Youth Pastors conference. So, I decided that I would be brave and drive the 6hours with my kids to stay with my family while he is gone. Well...I've now decided that I wasn't being brave, I was being insane. 6 hours in the car with 2 kids still in diapers is crazy! It took me an hour to stop for lunch, get gas, get them both fed, diaper changes, etc.

Then I didn't even eat lunch myself =(

But, we made it!

And we are settled in and the kids are having a blast! Ella LOVES all her aunts and uncles...and they love her to death. She pretty much gets whatever she wants while she is here =) (Of course, the downside is the detox she goes thru when we get home!)Ezra is pretty much just smiling at anything that it is rare to see him without a smile while here =)

One prayer need: My mom and several others have come down with strep throat...blaa.

I'll post some pictures later.
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Kelly Via said...

Insane in the brain! Yea, but you are a super de duper mom, and you can do it!! I am proud of you for that journey! Enjoy the snow; that is awesome! We do miss you here in NC though.