Five a day...monday

Five (little known) reasons why I LOVE YOU (Jeremiah, that is)

The way you yell "PING PONG MASSSSTERRRR" on Wednesday nights at just makes me smile inside =)

2) Your "big picture" optimism - Such a good match for my "detail-oriented" practical outlook on life

You never complain if I ask you to watch the kids so I can go running or shopping or just enjoy some "me" time

You always insist that I tell you about my day first

You don't mind that I use your razor


Jeremiah said...

Ok, so I believe that you are the best wife ever. And I cried a little bit. Don't tell anyone.

Briana and Trevor said...

if anyone is the "best wife ever" it's gotta be Jenn.

glad you guys are still so happy together.


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