Five a day....tuesday

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Five more (lesser known) reasons why I LOVE YOU:

1) The way you make up games to play with Ella and Ezra - I think "Giant-Baby" & "The Blob" are my personal favorites =)

Your confidence in who you are - in all the 11 years I have known you, I have never seen you swayed by what friends or culture deems "cool". You know what you like and that is that.

3) Your willingness to clean the bathtubs for me - my least favorite cleaning chore!

4) The way you sneak bites of food in the kitchen when you think I'm not looking, or after I go to bed.

How you forget to put the "snack-a-jing" remains the peanut butter stained knife in the sink or the box of runts left on the coffee table...and give yourself away =)
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Tasha Via said...

I love these. So cute=) I'm learning a lot more about Jeremiah this week.