To the Best Wife ever...

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I don't believe that there is anyone else in this world like my wife. She is without a doubt the most amazing person I have ever known. After 6 years of dating and almost 5 years of marriage I still catch myself daydreaming about her. She still makes it incredibly difficult to concentrate on anything :). I love her more at this moment than I ever have before. I cannot imagine life without her, and can not wait to see what our life brings us.

I can't wait for both of us to have dentures, to have a hard time getting in and out of bed together, to see our hair grow more gray, to wait up late for Ella and Ezra to get home, to figure out how we are going to afford our kids college tuition, to see our kids get married and have kids of their own, to see just how long our "bad movie" list can get, to see how long we can make our cars last, to see how many countries we visit, to have nothing else to do but sit on the porch swing, sip lemonade, and talk about the cost of prescription drugs, to see our kids grow up to serve the Lord with all their hearts, to see our grandkids grow up to serve the Lord with all their hearts. There is so much that I look forward to with my wife...

I am truly a blessed man. I love how my wife is up every morning reading her Bible, gives me knowing looks when I walk out of the kitchen with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or slice of pizza, or the whole pizza, always directs our children toward Christ, falls asleep on the sofa, wakes up and has no idea where she is, has to have the lights turned off at the switch on the wall, has to have a clear line of sight to the baby monitor, never complains about grocery shopping, always looks out for the little guy, is consumed with Glorifying God, looks in the morning before make-up, giggles when I tickle her, teaches Ella how to bake cookies, cringes when I throw Ezra in the air, can read 5000 words a minute, watches the Green Bay Packers play football, lets me watch the Green Bay Packers play football, keeps my feet on the ground, dances with the kids, sings in the shower, breathes when she is asleep, and doesn't remember late night conversations we have. She is simply the best wife ever. I love you Jenn.

Your adoring husband,
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Tasha Via said...

I love your wife too, Jeremiah!!