2 in 2

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While weeding one of the front flower beds yesterday I was faced with two of my greatest fears:


2)Black widow spider

When we moved to the farm with all its land, pond, outbuildings, and grassy fields, I knew it was just a matter of time until I had an encounter with a snake. Jeremiah has had several already...but yesterday was my first. Now, it was just a little thing, probably of the garden variety...nothing to get all worked up about. But the fact that less than 2 minutes later I found the black widow spider kinda overwhelmed me =)

I know, I'm a wuss.
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Becky Swann said...

Oh yuck!

Tasha Via said...

You are not a wuss. You are normal. The crazy people are the ones that actually LIKE those 2 beasts!!

Kelly Via said...

Not a wuss. I think I would have been finished with the gardening. You have a hefty pair of gloves, right??

Briana said...

not a wuss! that is horrible. ugg.