Aunt "olly"

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My sister, Molly, came in for a visit last night.

Woohoo...some great company(and adult conversation!)for me while Jeremiah is busy this week. She is also going to help me with "Operation: get Jeremiah stylish"

He needs some new clothes pretty bad. And a haircut =)
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Allyson Hemric said...

haha good luck with getting jeremiah stylish! youll need all the help you can get! haha just kidding!! :)

Tasha Via said...

Yeah, reinforcements are there!!!=)

Briana said...

Hi Molly!

Hope you are doing well (yes i realize this is not your personal email but i'm hoping Jenn will see this and pass on the greatings while you are there).

wish i was there to hang with the gals (and the boys).

love ya!