Memory lane

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This time last August...

We were getting ready for Ezra's arrival

Trying to stay cool during the hottest summer on record in NC!

on the golf course in our backyard at our old house

Comparing belly size. I won =)

Wow. I can't even hardly remember life before Ezra anymore. I look at these old pictures of Ella and can't believe how little she looks in them. I look at these old pictures of my pregnant belly and can't believe I was that big =) I don't know why I ever thought I was busy with just one child? Hmmm...

What a fun year
...I wouldn't change a thing!
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mommajeane said...

Cute pics... I love the one of Ella running to her Daddy on the golf course and you comparing tummies. Molly had a great time and she loved being with the kids. She said Ezra is really getting around now. I asked her if she was going to start doing the cvs coupon thing :) MK is interested too.

Tasha Via said...

I absolutely LOVE the look on your face in the picture of the belly comparison. Priceless!!!