Baby Update...

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Today was my 1st doctors appointment for the new baby. A sweet lady from our church (thank you Nancy!) watched the kids for us so that Jeremiah was able to go with me. That in and of itself was awesome =) We were very impressed with the new practice I am going to...everyone was very nice and professional.

The best part of the visit was getting to see the baby bean on ultrasound! Despite Ella's prediction, there is just one baby in there =) He or She was even waving it's arms and legs around...absolutely incredible! The bean had a steady heartbeat and is measuring right where it should be.

Praise the Lord

After seeing the baby on ultrasound Jeremiah thinks it is a little girl. After showing Ella the sonogram pictures she kept asking where the baby's face was? Hehe. She also kept insisting that it was pictures of Guacamole and her other stuffed animals =)
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Deb H said...

ohhh I am soo excited!!!! I can't wait to see the sonogram pic! I know you two are just beside yourselves! Love you all!


p.s. if its a girl should it be a "beanette"? ;-) or maybe beancita!

mommajeane said...

Blessed by another "grand" baby... and we have the grandest :) Glad to hear the doctor vistit went well.

Hi guys! This is Amy Wolford (Tester) from long ago at Rainbow Forest! I happened upon your blog when I was looking at someone else's blog. Haha too funny! You have a beautiful family! Best wishes for baby #3!