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So Ella was in story telling mode tonight. Our nightly ritual consists of a story, told by me, bedtime prayers, and 20 minutes of my most convincing arguments as to why I cant stay in the bed "jus a yittle bit more". Tonight was different, Ella decided to throw something into the mix. She decided to tell me a story. About ants. Ants whose behavior reflected the behavior of nearly everyone she had contact with ever. I found out some very interesting things about ants tonight. Here are just a few nuggets of knowledge from an adorable 3 year old.

"Daddy did you know...ants can eat pine cones!"
"Ants can go potty."
"The thunder came and they got tiny umbrellas to keep them safe."
"The ants asked for a cough drop but got a spanking because they got out of bed."
"The end, thats a can stay jus a yittle longer."

She is pretty interesting stuff.
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Jeanne D said...

I love Ella. Kids make up great stuff. Just Friday at breakfast, Leah said to TJ, "If we stopped hitting each other, we could be best friends." Nobody said it out loud, but I think I heard a collective "Naaahhh!"